Es Torrent

Es Torrent
Lizenz: Wikimedia commons,Chixoy
Islands: Ibiza

Es Torrent is situated at seven kilometres from Sant Josep de sa Talaia, located between Cap Negret, Platja de les Ovelles and Punta de ses Illetes, as well as below the village of sa Caixota or Vista Alegre. The name is given by the mouth of the torrent s’Aigua or sa Caixota. From this coastal stretch you can see a group of small islands known as ses Illetes. This beautiful and quiet beach is very big, the surface is rocky, with stones, pebbles and some sand, the slope is very steep (the water gets deep very soon), and it is surrounded by high and abrupt ochre and golden cliffs. The depth of its water and the strength of the tide explains that bathing in this coastal corner is dangerous. Punta de ses Illetes is the only good place for anchoring boats. It is only exposed to the wind from the southwest, so that it is an excellent anchorage to stay overnight. There is a sandy ground and the depth ranges from three to five metres. The accessibility by car is easy following the signs and the deviations. The last two hectometres have to be done going down the stairs with a huge difference in level, not adapted for disabled or elderly people. The private car can be left on a free parking area in the surroundings. These characteristics explain that the beach is not crowded by local visitors and tourists. Information about this beach may change. To confirm the data or consult changes or new features, please contact the tourism office below: Tourist Information – Ibiza/Eivissa

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