Calma Yoga Ibiza Tamara

Calma Yoga Ibiza Tamara Calma Yoga Ibiza Tamara Calma Yoga Ibiza Tamara Calma Yoga Ibiza Tamara Calma Yoga Ibiza Tamara
Islands: Ibiza
Yoga Styles: Vinyasa - Hatha- Yin Yoga- Nidra Yoga- Sup Yoga-
Levels: Advanced, Beginners

About me

As a yoga practitioner and teacher, when I founded Calma Yoga Ibiza I tried from the very beginning to convey my passion for this philosophy of life in my classes. Based on my healing experience with yoga, I try to accompany and guide my students during the exercises on this wonderful path into their inner self. You will find more about me in my interview with

My Yogastyles

Vinyasa (Sanskrit: विन्यास) is a style of yoga that is characterised by joining postures so that you can move from one to another, without problems, using your breath.
Vinyasa classes synchronise movement and breathing to create a vinyasa flow, a powerful and dynamic form of yoga for a strong, energetic body and clear mind.

Yoga Nidra (Sanskrit: योग निद्रा) Also known as a conscious dream or a logical dream. Yoga Nidra is a practice accessible to all, since it is practiced lying down, in Savasana.
Nidra Yoga is an ancient technique where the yogi enters a deep state of relaxation.

Hatha Yoga (Sanskrit: हठयोगप्रदीपिका), is considered as the yoga of the asanas or the body positions, it is based on the activation of the circulation of the body’s energy. The asanas were designed to stimulate this energetic flow.

YIN yoga is a term used today to designate a static yoga practice, where the postures are held for a long time between two and five minutes, the postures are developed with an attitude of mindfulness Mindfulness.

My yoga classes take place at various locations on Ibiza. These are places chosen by me for a wonderful yoga class. Visit me there:

  • IBIZALOE  in Sant Antonio

You will find different classes on my website




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