Cala Gració

Cala Gració
Lizenz: Wikimedia commons,
Islands: Ibiza

Located to the north of the urban area of Sant Antoni, it perfectly represents the prototype of a Mediterranean cove, alternating sandy bottoms, rocks and areas of Posidonia, the fragile marine plant that helps so much to maintain the transparency of the coastal waters. Cala Gració is surrounded by juniper and pine trees and has several of the typical boathouses on one of its banks. The island of Conejera presides over the horizon and on the sand of the beach a beach bar allows tourists to cool off between dips. Cala Gracioneta is located on the other side of a rocky promontory and, although smaller and narrower, it has the same beauty as its older sister, in addition to a recognized gastronomic offer. Both coves have a family character and are very frequented by residents who value the quality of their waters and their proximity.

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