Cala Nova

Lizenz: Wikimedia commons,Pitxiquin
Islands: Mallorca

Cala Nova is situated at three kilometres from Palma, between Punta de Cas Català and Cala Guix. This is where the municipality of Calvià finishes and the one of Palma begins, in the suburb of Sant Agustí, where we still can find some of the first holiday homes that the rich families from Palma constructed at the beginning of the 20th century. This sandy beach has an old composition and a small bathing area adjacent to the Escola Nacional de Vela Calanova. The beach can be reached going down the stairs, the entry of which is located on calle Joan Miró. The main visitors are the residents of the surroundings. Cala Nova is known because of the artificial port with the Escola Nacional de Vela. The Port de Cala Nova does also accept boats passing through, if there is spare place. The access to the port facilities is easy, although we have to remind that the winds with east and south-east components can be very dangerous on the inside. The navigator must know that if whether he uses the infrastructure or passes nearby the facilities, he has to pay attention to the small sailing boats that enter and exit the sailing school. Between Cala Nova and the nearby Cala Major there are different places for anchoring boats, but they use to be restricted because of their location in the land and sea security area of palacio Marivent, the summer residence of the Spanish Royal Family since 1973. Information about this beach may change. To confirm the data or consult changes or new features, please contact the municipal tourism office below: Tourist Information – Palma de Mallorca General information on the island: Tourist Information – Mallorca

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