Es Canyeret

Lizenz: Wikimedia commons,
Islands: Mallorca

Es Canyeret or Platja de Llucalcari is situated at eight kilometres from Sóller. The name of this small village has Latin an Arab origins, and it can be traduced as “house of the forest”. The rocks, some of them very big, pebbles and gravel are typical for this beautiful small cove, where you can swim, although you are not recommended to anchor a boat because of the strong wind blowing from the north and the emerging rocks. In the surroundings there is a sweet water source, next to a fig tree, that irrigated the mud, so that the visitors come here and take a mud bath. In the surroundings of its coast toward northeast, there is sa Cova Fosca, an enormous cave with breathtaking panoramic views and open to the Mediterranean Sea, which can only be admired from the sea. The nearest port facilities are located at Port de Sóller, at 3,2 nautical miles. The accessibility by car is easy following the signs although you will have to leave your car on the road. From this point you will have to walk for 300 metres on a trail through pine trees, holm oaks, olive trees, carob trees and next to a beautiful hotel. These characteristics explain that the beach is not too crowded by local visitors and tourists. Many of the visitors come to this virgin coastal stretch of the Serra de Tramuntana for nudism. Information about this beach may change. To confirm the data or consult changes or new features, please contact the tourism office below: Tourist Information – Mallorca

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