Port Pera de S'Ase

Lizenz: Wikimedia commons,
Islands: Mallorca

Port de sa Pedra de s’Ase is situated at three kilometres from Banyalbufar, between s’Escull d’en Romaní and Cova des Carbó, as well as below the Talaia des Verger or Torre de ses Ànimes. Between the port and the tower there is a trail which is used by the visitors now. This geographic feature is a headland which is surrounded by a cliff in front of it which is called sa Pedra de s’Ase. This name is given because when you see it from the seaside it has two symmetric bulges that seem the ears of a donkey. Going on with the explanation of the names, the word “souls” is included in Torre de ses Ànimes because of the construction of es Rafal de Planícia, in the surroundings, where some spectres appeared, according to a legend and some historical note. This type of places was traditionally called ses Ànimes. From this tower, which was built in 1545, and it was probably the oldest building of this type of Majorca, they could communicate with the towers built between Sóller and Illa de sa Dragonera. The area of Banyalbufar is about 300 million years old. This is proved by the fossil rests of the Secondary era (Triasic) found in the surroundings of sa Pedra de s’Ase, fauna of arthropods, hymenopterans and fishes. There were also found some footprints of reptiles that might be older than the dinosaurs, a specie which is known as Chiroterium. Information about this beach may change. To confirm the data or consult changes or new features, please contact the tourism office below: Tourist Information – Mallorca

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