If you want to do yoga right by the sea, you can find Yoga del Mar near Palma, in Portixol. Unfortunately, I haven’t been there myself. But I have had lessons with some of the teachers who teach there. In summer, there is usually a yoga class outside on the new platform in Portixol right by the sea. Yoga del Mar offers lots of yoga classes, massages and retreats.

Yoga del Mar was founded in July 2021 by Nina-Gyana and Yasmin.  

If you’re in the neighbourhood, you’re sure to find a suitable yoga class for you. I had lessons with Stuart at the time. He teaches Vinyasa, a very dynamic form of yoga. He inspired me with his charm and humour and gave the yoga class a lot of energy and lightness. I really like it when yoga teachers also correct and give support.  I can only recommend lessons with Stuart.


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