Sa Cova Baixa

Sa Cova Baixa
Lizenz: Wikimedia commons,Al003563
Islands: Mallorca

Sa Cova Baixa, Escat de Son Fraret or Roca des Turistes is situated at 13 kilometres from Llucmajor, between Caló de Sant Antoni and es Calonet des Fornás, and also below the village of Son Verí and the possessió (rural finca) of Son Grauet. The construction of a promenade along this initial part of the coast of Llucmajor allows to reach this very small cove in the bay of Palma from the nearby Club Nàutic s’Arenal. On a small headland there is finca de Son Grauet and at a few metres of distance we find Roca des Turistes, a flat rock with a diameter of three metres, which can be reached from the bottom by a stair cut in the rock, and from where you will have a panoramic view over the Mediterranean sea. From Roca des Turistes you can see the rocky area of the small sea entrance of sa Cova Baixa and the nearby es Calonet d’es Fornàs, a bit bigger, but with the same morphological characteristics. This calm place is normally used for bathing by the residents of the villages of Son Verí and Son Verí Nou. This rocky coast which is typical for the southern and south-western area of the island begins at Cala Sant Antoni and finishes at the sandy area of sa Ràpita (municipality of Campos). Next to sa Cova Baixa there are other very small inlets like the coves Verda, d’en Sarregà and Calenta, Caló de Sant Vicenç, and ses Pedreres. Information about this beach may change. To confirm the data or consult changes or new features, please contact the municipal tourism office below: Tourist Information – Llucmajor General information on the island: Tourist Information – Mallorca

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