Flor, how you come to yoga?

I started practicing 22 years ago, when I arrived in Ibiza. I´am from Buenos Aires. It was a bit of a coincidence, and I felt so good afterwards that I could never stop. It does me good, it gives me energy, it helps me be at peace. A few years later I began to practice consistently, I became more and more motivated and felt better. My back was strong and healthy, and little by little I started getting into more intense styles. I like Vinyasa Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. That’s where the idea of ​​going deeper with a TTC of 200 hours course. And since 2014 I have been teaching. 

What is important to you in your teaching and what types of yoga do you teach ?

My classes are vinyasa yoga, for all levels, but moving and intense. My practice is ashtanga, I practice 4 times a week, alone or with my teachers. 4 years ago I went to India for my second ttc, 300 hours, non-traditional ashtanga. I still do little things whenever I have the opportunity, I did shorter inverted formations, Mobility and arm balances. 50 hours each. AntiGravity trainings, such as fundamentals, aerial yoga & fitness. Now i keep teaching vinyasa, ashtanga (half primary) , and also Aerial class. I like to share yoga as a teacher, i feel blessed any time that i share it.

I open a yoga studio 4 years ago, (2020) Ibizayogapoint – open all year round.

I recognize the people on the mat, how you practice, that’s how you are and I am grateful and happy that my students come to me. So I decided to go for them too. I fell how people improve in the practice and also in there lives. They let me grow as a teacher, gain experience, and also as a human being.

Where or in which studios do you teach on the Balearic Islands? 

In summer i teach outside, two times at week. In front of the sea, with skay as a withness, at the port of santa eulalia del Río, place are amazing, Sometimes we have a full Moon just in front of us. Magic and special classes. Wednesday and friday sunset time.
Also I teach every morning in high season in a beautiful hotel in Santa Eulalia del Río,  outside in a nice atmosphere. 

Can you recommend any hotspots for outdoor yoga or healthy food restaurants on the Balearic Islands?

There is different offers in Ibiza for a Healthy food, in Santa Eulalia you have many restaurants. Baleares are beautiful, with al lot of variety about things to do. Nature, sea, sun, hikes, sunset and for sure yoga. My best Recommendation is to do meditation in sunset time here in Ibiza.

For more information about my yoga classes, retreats and meditations you can visit my site. Namasté Flor


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