Dear Karina, dear Oliver – how did you get into yoga?

We came to yoga at different times and for different reasons. Karina started practicing when she was 20 years old, and sought yoga to balance her emotions and relieve the stress of studying law at a very demanding university in a big capital city like São Paulo, 25 years ago. Oliver started when he was 30 years old and yoga came inevitably at that time of his life because he was looking for an alternative life and yoga gave him physical and emotional support to make the change he wanted, that was 14 years ago. Then we met in the yoga training course in São Paulo and since then we are together, and next week we will be 10 years old.

What was the decisive moment or motivation for you to become a yoga teacher?

Karina: From the first moment I had contact with the mat I felt that this would be my path. I continued with my university studies but without losing sight of learning yoga. I did a training course, meditation retreats (Vipasana), and a second training course where I met Oliver. When I signed up for this training course I was determined to leave my career as a lawyer and dedicate myself to teaching yoga, and so it has been.

Oliver: The moment was traveling in South America in 2013, in Cali-Colombia, the one who later became my teacher, Carlos Holguin, at the end of my first class with him asked me if we already knew each other, he opened my Mayan card and said that I would be an excellent yoga teacher and at this moment it seems that a blindfold had been removed from my eyes. I have lived 3 months in your Ashram, and in 2014 I did the training in São Paulo.

What kind of yoga do you teach on the island?

We teach Hatha Yoga, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Meditation and Kundalini Yoga. All practices are synchronized with the frequencies of the day according to the Mayan 13 Moon Synchronarium (Tzolkin). In our classes we merge these two ancient human traditions, Yoga and Tzolkin. The Tzolkin reflects the Mayan cosmovision highlighting the intrinsic connection between time, spirituality and nature in synchronous harmony. Each day in the Tzolkin is associated with a solar seal, a lunar tone and a radial plasma (chakra calibrating frequency), synchronizing specific cosmic energies that influence daily practice.

The synchronization of Hatha Yoga with the Tzolkin infuses each movement with symbolic meaning. Mindfulness expands to include connection with cosmic energies, providing a unique spiritual dimension to the daily practice, so we find ourselves immersed in a holistic experience that goes beyond the mat, embracing a conscious connection with the very essence of time and the universe.

For us it is important to generate awareness about ourselves and how we exchange energies with other people, animals and nature, in this way, looking inward, we see that we are a reflection of the outside and that we are co-creators of all that we live.

Where or in which studios do you teach in the Balearic Islands?

We teach classes in our Maha Yoga studio which is located in Palma de Mallorca, close to the Cathedral.

Can you recommend any places to practice yoga outdoors or healthy food restaurants in the Balearic Islands?

The islands have wonderful places for yoga practice and connection with nature and oneself. We can consider a silent path to a beach or a mountain. We do outdoor classes in the Parc de la Mar in front of the Cathedral of Mallorca in spring and autumn. There is a very nice place to practice yoga after a trail called La Trapa. There is a lot of vegetarian offer nowadays, for example: Temple Nature Café Garden, La Mujer de Verde, Ca n’Ela Vegan Restaurant.

Do you have any special advice for tourists who want to treat themselves to some time in the Balearic Islands?

We can talk about Mallorca. If you come in high season you will find beautiful beaches but full of people, if it goes well for you you can enjoy a nice day among people and nature. If you are adventurous you will be able to enjoy trails until you reach a wonderful beach such as Cala Tuent, Es Caragol, Caló des Màrmols.

For more information about our yoga classes and meditations you can visit our site. Karina & Oliver


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