Caló Des Moro

Caló Des Moro
Lizenz: Wikimedia commons,Tommie Hansen
Islands: Mallorca

Es Caló des Moro, a name that recalls the island’s close relationship with the Muslim presence, is a cove that, like a cove, is located in the urban area of Sant Antoni, in Ses Variades. It is reached by a pedestrian walkway that runs along the coast, past the crowded area dotted with shops where the public congregates for sunsets. It faces west and from its shore you can see the profile of the island of Conejera as well as the conglomerate of western islets that make up a very characteristic picture. It is a small cove but with a generous strip of sand to sunbathe without stress. With clear waters and rocky sides, it is an ideal location to take a bath without having to leave the town center and has a varied hotel offer around it. More information at

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